OPINION: Where the Spanish GP can be Won or Lost..


Lewis Hamilton arrives at the Spanish Grand Prix knowing that if he is going to stake a claim in this championship he needs to start winning.

His team-mate Rosberg has won every Grand Prix this season and the next two on the calendar favour the German. Spain and Monaco are usually races that are decided by grid position so getting qualifying right will be crucial.

Looking ahead to the weekend, where can the Spanish Grand Prix be won and lost?

Qualifying will be critical as more often than not that will give you one hand on the trophy come Sunday afternoon.

If you don’t get the job done on Saturday afternoon then getting off the line is as equally crucial. The Circuit de Catalunya is not favoured for its overtaking, so it might be tricky to get past your opponent over the next 66 laps.

In Lewis Hamilton’s case if he does start second behind Rosberg then staying within DRS range will present the best chance to try and get past him down the main straight.

If all else fails then maybe trying the undercut in the pits or running longer in clear air to gain track position will be the only options available.

Tyres are going to play an important part in this weekend’s race. Pirelli have taken the hard, medium and soft tyres to Spain, to cope with the high energy loads that the track generates. Mercedes have kept their hard nominations to the bare minimum, with Rosberg and Hamilton choosing just one set. The main focus being on the softer compounds.

While it is only the fifth race of the season and there are plenty of races to go in this World Championship, we have all seen over the last two seasons what luck, confidence and momentum can do to a World Championship.

While the fight for the World championship is far from over, this is one of the weekends where Lewis Hamilton needs lady luck to be on his side.


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