How this season will work..


So… Formula One is back with a vengeance and Diary of a Mercedes Fan is ready to follow this season and all the action it has to offer.

So how will this all work? I hear you ask?

Well… this season will be covered extensively over Diary of a Mercedes Fan’s Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud as well as on WordPress.


Every practice & qualifying session will be reviewed and dissected shortly after on SoundcloudWith Diary of a Mercedes Fan: Extra covering the biggest stories in Formula One.

All the action from every Grand Prix this year will be covered on Diary of a Mercedes Fan on YouTube on Monday or Tuesday.

If you are on the move, then be sure to follow our Twitter feed @DiaryofaMercFan where you will never be out of the loop!

Also I will be sharing my written thoughts on WordPress throughout the year as well as looking the team as whole and the wonderful people that keep it at the top!

So to quote the words James Allen famously bellowed at the start of the 2002 Monaco Grand Prix… “Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Traction Control Ready! Everything Ready! DROP THE CLUTCH AND LET’S GO!”

Keep up-to-date with all that’s going on at Diary of a Mercedes Fan by following @DiaryofaMercFan on Twitter and also our Soundcloud and YouTube channels.

You can also follow what I get up to by following me on Twitter and Instagram @NicoAaron Ugbaja 



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